Are the presenters of homes under the hammer married?

Are the presenters of homes under the hammer married?

Lucy Alexander (born 3 April 1970) is an English television presenter, known for appearing on the BBC One property show Homes Under the Hammer….

Lucy Alexander
Television Homes Under the Hammer
Spouse(s) Stewart Castledine ​ ( m. 2000)​
Children 2

Who is Martel Maxwell married to?

Jamie Parrat
Martel Maxwell/Spouse

Is Martyn Roberts married?

Kirsty Robertsm. 2010
Martin Roberts/Spouse

How old is Martin Roberts?

58 years (July 20, 1963)
Martin Roberts/Age

Who is Lucy Alexander husband?

Stewart Castledinem. 2000
Lucy Alexander/Husband

Has Lucy Alexander left homes under?

Lucy Alexander disappointed fans with the announcement she was leaving Homes Under the Hammer back in 2016. After 13 years co-presenting the show, she had become part of the furniture for many viewers.

Why has Martel Maxwell left Homes Under the Hammer?

Lucy posted her reasons on Twitter back in June 2016. She said: “It’s with a huge heavy heart I’m stepping down, it’s not the outcome I wanted but to pursue other work and a commercial deal I had to leave.”

Does Martin still do Homes Under the Hammer?

Martin Roberts is the only presenter who has been on the show since it first started 17 years ago. He used to host alongside Lucy Alexander who stepped down in 2016. Martin is a property expert, investor, entrepreneur and author alongside his presenting duties.

Is Martin Roberts ill?

The BBC host explained online that he is suffering from cellulitis – a painful skin infection that is caused when bacteria penetrates deep under the layers of the skin, and which can turn serious if not urgently treated.

How old is Martell from Homes Under the Hammer?

44 years (March 9, 1977)
Martel Maxwell/Age

Has Lucy returned to Homes Under the Hammer?

Lucy Alexander was a regular presenter on Homes Under the Hammer for 15 years, but in 2018 she left the popular BBC One show and Martel Maxwell replaced her, joining Martin Roberts and Dion Dublin.

Who are the new presenters on homes under the hammer?

Jacqui Joseph and Tommy Walsh are joining the presenting team on BBC One’s Daytime favourite Homes Under The Hammer. They join the current line-up of Martin Roberts, Dion Dublin and Martel Maxwell. Published: 18 November 2020 Jacqui Joseph and Tommy Walsh

When did homes under the hammer first start?

Homes Under the Hammer has been on our screens since 2003 and has become one of BBC’s best-loved property shows. The series, which airs on daytime television, sees a host of experts help auction buyers get the most from their properties and often showcases incredible transformations.

When do Jacqui and Tommy start homes under the hammer?

I can’t wait for Jacqui and Tommy to get started on Homes Under The Hammer, together they bring a wealth of expertise and first-hand experience of the property market and building trade.” Tommy and Jacqui are currently filming for the upcoming series, which will appear on screen in early 2021.

Who are the current presenters of the Huth?

There are currently five presenters in the HUTH line-up. They are Dion Dublin, Jacqui Joseph, Tommy Walsh, Martin Roberts and Martel Maxwell. Martin Roberts is the only presenter who has been on the show since it first started 17 years ago.

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